About Us

We understand that in the cabinet buying process, your ultimate goal is a beautiful, functional kitchen where your family will love to gather.

We also understand the process of buying cabinets can be stressful, confusing, and intimidating. Many fear choosing the wrong style, color, or design. But more than anything, we find the biggest fear you’re facing is that the cost will be prohibitive, especially if you’d like to have custom cabinets built. We’re here to say that the cost difference may be much less than you think, and the value will be well worth any extra dollars spent. Our goal is NOT to be the least expensive — it is to give the best value that you can find!

For over 25 years, we’ve been guiding our customers as they designed furniture and cabinets with us. We have refined the process a lot over those years, and will take you step by step through that process to be sure that you end up with cabinets that you will love. We use only high quality wood, hardware components, and finishes on our cabinets. Many of the components have a lifetime guarantee, but regardless our policy is to take care of you the way we like to be cared for when making a large purchase. Don’t take our word for it, ask any of our former customers and they will tell you the same thing.

The process is fairly simple:

  1. Meet at your house to brainstorm and design your new cabinets
  2. Set a date to install your new cabinets
  3. On the set date, install the cabinets (countertops are installed 10-14 days later)

We’ll guide you through this entire process step by step, communicating often by phone and email along the way. You will end up with a kitchen space that is efficient due to our custom building process which greatly maximizes your kitchen area; gone will be the days of sagging doors, loose hinges, broken drawers, and constant repairs. Best of all, when the process is complete, you will have gained new friends: the team here at Kustom Kabinetry!

Our goal as a team here at Kustom Kabinetry is to bring the family together. Research has shown that a family sharing dinner together on a regular basis is a key component of a strong, relational family. What better place to gather the family than in the kitchen, around the food, for great conversation. Because of that, our constant goal as we design and build your new cabinets is to “Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home.”