Wood Guide

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Red Oak Is an open grained wood well known for its beautiful grain characteristics. It has an average hardness, and is a great value option for cabinets.

Rustic Red Oak brings out the raw natural beauty of this wood with partially open knots, pin knots and mineral streaks, etc.

Paint Grade Maple is what we use for painted cabinets. It is a combination of hard and soft maple, well suited for kitchen cabinet use. It provides a smooth surface that is excellent for applying a painted finish.

White Birch is a white to pale yellowish closed grain wood, somewhat softer than hard maple. It is suitable for all stains and natural finish.

Red Birch is reddish closed grain wood looking similar to cherry, but with a soft brown appearance. It is particularly beautiful with a natural finish.


Cherry is a beautiful, classy red wood that looks beautiful with a natural finish. It is softer than most hardwoods, and the red appearance deepens quite a bit with age.

Character Cherry has a variety of color and grain variations including sapwood (whiter), and a moderate amount of pitch marks and/or pin knots are allowed to yield an attractive door with lively character.

Hickory has a coarse grain pattern and contrasting grain colors of white, cream, and brown. A natural finish highlights the contrasting grain patterns, but with a stain the color differences soften to a beautiful subtle contrast.

Rustic Hickory has nearly everything that nature has to offer, including partially open knots, mineral streaks, etc.

Quarter-Sawn White Oak has a unique sawn pattern and when used it displays a mixture of straight grain, rays and flecks. Stain highlights beautifully the varied characteristics of the wood grain.