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A Custom Cabinet Builder Can Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home

Kitchens are often the center of our homes, a cozy headquarters where we gather to talk, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. If you’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately and you’re thinking you need to redo your kitchen, you’re not alone. Kitchen remodels are among the most popular household projects. Whether you want to refresh a tired look, upgrade to higher quality, or add flexibility and functionality, it’s important to consider the scope of your plans and explore the options available to fit your preferences and budget. Whatever look you desire, a custom cabinet builder will help you achieve it. We hope this kitchen redesign checklist will help you with such a fun and exciting project.


Probably the least exciting and most important part of planning your kitchen redesign project is to make sure you have a reasonable budget that offers a kitchen you can afford while not skimping on quality and style. A kitchen redesign doesn’t have to break the bank, but spending a little more for quality is always a good investment, ensuring you have a kitchen that will be durable as well as beautiful.


If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you have a good sense of how you move through and use the space. Try to take a step back, though, and imagine new ways to utilize your space. This is especially important if life changes such as becoming empty nesters or having grandchildren move in with you are changing your everyday patterns. Perhaps you’d like to add a kitchen island, incorporate pull-out trash and recycling bins, or add a breakfast nook. 

Kitchen Elements

Of course, you’ll want to consider all the kitchen basics: appliances, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures, but be sure to also consider the other elements of your kitchen which give it the look and function you want.


With endless ways to customize them, inside and out, your kitchen cabinetry is an opportunity to let your personality really shine! From modern glass doors and white paint to the period look of quarter-sawn oak or rustic hickory, they can set the style for the rest of your kitchen. Remember, too, that cabinets can contain more than shelves. Consider wine racks, slide-out shelves, and organizational features that can be incorporated with new cabinets. A custom cabinet builder can accommodate your style and design for the kitchen of your dreams.


Consider how you use your kitchen countertops when you review options for replacing them. Do you most need spaces that can tolerate hot pots and pans such as quartz or would you prefer the classic, beautiful look of granite? If cost is a major concern, solid-surface or Formica countertops may be a better option. 


Your kitchen redesign may include updated appliances. If so, be sure to consider whether different sizes or styles might be better choices for your new kitchen. For example, if you’re already going to replace your cabinets, it may be a good time to consider a larger refrigerator or to shift your stove or sink to a kitchen island. 


If you’re replacing cabinets and countertops, it’s an excellent time to also replace your sink. Perhaps you’d like to switch from a single basin to a double-sink or to try a farmhouse-style sink. Imagine those with added features such as strainers, racks, and cutting boards that fit right into your sink. 


Don’t forget the power of hardware to give your space that added bit of flavor. Knobs, handles, and pulls can turn beautiful cabinets into works of art for your kitchen. A Custom cabinet builder offers countless styles to complement any look. 


Under-cabinet lighting, hanging lights over an island, and other changes to your existing lighting fixtures can have a dramatic effect on the overall impact of your space. 


Choosing some fun and functional extras can be one of the most rewarding parts of redesigning your kitchen. Some extras to think about include:

  • Specialized storage space for small/countertop appliances
  • Under-cabinet knife block
  • Coffee and tea bar 
  • Warming drawer
  • Under-cabinet outlets
  • Stemware racks
  • Home office space
  • Bar or prep sink
  • Over-stove pot filling faucet

Design Choices

As you choose the components that will make up your new kitchen, you’ll want to consider the overall look you want it to have. 


Choosing an overall style for your kitchen can help inform choices you make in other parts of your redesign, such as the type of sink you want, and cabinet and hardware materials. Choosing a style will help a custom cabinet builder and designer create the perfect pieces for your kitchen. Popular kitchen styles include:

  • Country Farmhouse – think large and homey, especially with a big, sturdy table
  • Modern – sleek and sophisticated, minimalism is the theme here
  • Cottage – envision white or ivory cabinets, vintage hardware, beadboard, and rich wood floors
  • Transitional – traditional style with a sleek, updated twist
  • Rustic – lots of wood and stone, perfect for a lake house
  • Coastal – imagine your favorite beach house kitchen
  • Tuscan – rich, sunny shades of gold and terra cotta, often with tile details
  • Old World – dark wood, rich colors, and lots of detail
  • Traditional – classic looks, such as raised panel cabinetry and decorative moldings, but with a crisper, more updated flavor


Choosing colors for your kitchen may be one of the hardest parts of planning your redesign — there are so many options! You might make a design board with samples of cabinet finishes, backsplash tiles, and color inspirations to help you find what looks pleasing and harmonious to you. 

  • Solid Colors – Solid colors can make a space feel larger, and darker colors can make it feel smaller.
  • Basics – Consider adjusting popular basic colors with just a hint of a different shade such as a slightly peachy yellow or a barely gray-beige. 
  • Color Temperature – Warmer colors, those with a bit of red, orange, or yellow in them, are popular for many kitchens, giving them a warm, cozy feel. Recent trends also lean more toward grays and blues in cooler tones. 


Selecting materials that appeal to you is important, but be sure they will also look good, function well in your kitchen, suit your lifestyle, and can be accommodated with your budget.  

Work with a Custom Cabinet Builder for Your Kitchen Redesign

Redesigning your kitchen can be a rewarding project that makes your home feel fresh and new again. With over 25 years of expertise and experience, we want to help you make your dream kitchen and custom cabinets a reality. Contact us to schedule a free estimate and to learn more about our custom cabinetry work in Perry, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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