How Much Does It Cost for Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

You can’t put a price on the memories made in the heart of your home — the kitchen. But you can put a price on the custom kitchen cabinets that fill it. Just like with any customized product, the price can vary quite a bit. It all depends on the variables and, ultimately, what you want for your kitchen.

The Variables 

When it comes to custom kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of factors that go into how much they’ll cost, including wood species used, cabinet finish, size of the kitchen, style, doors, and of course, the time and effort required by those who get the job done, also known as labor. 


When you decide to install custom kitchen cabinets, you have many to choose from. There are ordinary cabinet types, and then specialized cabinet types, specific to the kitchen. 

Ordinary cabinet types include:

  • Wall: A traditional, wall-hung cabinet. 
  • Short wall: A smaller, wall-hung cabinet, usually hung above appliances. 
  • Base: A floor-mounted cabinet with doors. 
  • Sink base: An open, double cabinet to mount the sink. 
  • Drawer base: A group of stacked, floor-mounted drawers. 
  • Door/Drawers Base: A floor-mounted cabinet with a drawer and doors. 

Specialized cabinet types include:

  • Appliance panel: A door or drawer that conceals an appliance. 
  • Spice cabinet: A thin cabinet meant for holding spices. 
  • Pantry tower: A tall cabinet designed to store food. 

There is no right or wrong cabinet type for your kitchen. Rather, the types of cabinets you choose all depend on the vision you have for your kitchen


All materials have different price points, and a cabinet’s material can have a significant impact on the final price of your cabinets. When you choose wood materials that are rare or difficult to work with, the cost will be much higher than if you’d selected materials that are common, in-stock items. 

Some popular cabinet materials include:

  • Painted Maple: A pigmented lacquer is used for painted cabinets, and can be tinted to match nearly any paint color. 
  • Hard Maple: Maple has less bold grain than many other wood species, and presents a clear, light appearance when finished without stain.
  • Cherry: Cherry has a rich, red tone that darkens over time. 
  • Walnut: Walnut has a warm, dark brown color and deep grain.
  • Hickory: Hickory has a bold, grainy appearance with distinct dark and light brown tones. It is especially distinctive when the rustic knots and grain are used to build cabinets.
  • Quarter Sawn White Oak: This wood has a beautiful, bold grain known as “ray fleck.” It is especially fitting for arts and crafts style kitchens.

When choosing your cabinet material, it’s important to consider the overall feel you’d like your kitchen to have. 


The doors you choose can have a big impact on the way your kitchen looks. They also affect the cost. Simple doors will have lower price tags, while intricate doors will have higher price tags. 

Widely selected doors include: 

  • Flat Panel: Has a decorative door and flat interior.
  • Raised Panel: Has a decorative door and raised interior/edge.
  • Mitered doors: Have a mitered corner joint rather than mortise and tenon. This allows for a more decorative, ornate rail and stile frame to be used for your cabinet doors.

The hinge style and decorative handles you use on your kitchen are an important part of creating the style you are looking for. The hidden, soft-close hinges are currently the most commonly used hinge, but others may be fitting depending on your cabinet style. 


When it comes to custom cabinets, you can get them in whatever size you want. Whether you’d like taller cabinets or more shallow cabinets, you can be sure to get cabinets made to your specifications. If you’ve got an unusual shape somewhere in your kitchen, custom cabinets are perfect for those areas, too. We gang-build (join multiple cabinets into one) for efficiency and a much cleaner looking appearance, and our 100% custom sized cabinets will maximize the space in your kitchen area.


When you choose custom cabinets, you can get the style you want for a unique look that’s tailored to your tastes. You can mix and match various bases and panels, and even choose cabinets with extra moldings or carvings for an upscale appearance. You can also decide between the classic framed cabinet or  full overlay frameless style cabinets, depending on the look you want. 


Your kitchen is a special place, and transforming it into exactly what you envision will take a lot of hard work. At the beginning of the custom cabinet process, your selections will be noted and measurements will be taken of the space. Then, your custom cabinets will be built, delivered and carefully installed in your home. A great deal of hard work will go into your cabinets from start to finish, and the end result will be well-worth it. 

The Cost 

Before you get started on your project, it’s important to know your budget and what your goals are for your updated kitchen space.. This will allow you to make the best decisions when it comes to type, material, size, style, and doors. It will also determine the cost. At the end of your project, depending on your selections, you can expect to spend $15,000 to $25,000 including countertops; less if it’s very small and more if you have a very large or elaborate kitchen layout.. 

Learn More About Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, or dream of it becoming the favorite part of your home, you’ve come to the right place. At Kustom Kabinetry, we transform kitchens into the heart of the home by listening to our customers and building cabinets that will create a place where your family and friends love to gather. To learn more, or to get a free estimate, get in touch with our team today. We joyfully serve those in Perry, NY and the surrounding communities.

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