What Is Your Custom Cabinets Warranty?

Most custom cabinets come with a limited warranty. Ours don’t.

At Kustom Kabinetry, we don’t have a written warranty.

Yes, you read that right!

That may seem bizarre, but most warranties these days are full of limitations and exceptions and don’t mean much, at least not to us. What’s the point in paying so much money for something and receiving a warranty that’s null and void just when something goes wrong?

If you’ve read, heard, or learned anything about us, then you know that our goal is to deliver the highest quality custom cabinets that are built to last with the highest quality customer service to match it — and that’s exactly what we do for every one of our customers. It’s what we’d want if we were in your shoes, so it’s what we provide.

What You Can Expect If Something Goes Wrong

We take great pride in our craftsmanship, but if you recognize that your cabinets need a little extra TLC somewhere down the line, let us know and we’ll help you out.

Generally speaking, our policy is that we’ll fix almost anything on the cabinets we install at no charge for at least one year. Still, we know that most things don’t break the first year, so that’s really just a starting point.

We understand that things can happen to your cabinets, especially when they’re in the kitchen. So if you need something fixed, adjusted, or touched up in the first few years, or any time really, you can reach out to us. We’re here for you, and we’ll be happy to help you get your cabinets looking as good as they did the first day they were installed!

As a family-owned and -operated custom cabinet company that has been in business more than 25 years, we go by the old-fashioned policy of treating our customers how we want to be treated, and that makes the decision to take care of them — you — very easy.

Learn More About Our Custom Cabinets

If you like the sound of the way our team operates, we’d love to work with you. If you’re in the market for custom cabinets, get in touch with us! Our team joyfully designs, builds, and installs custom kitchen cabinets for homeowners in Perry, NY and the surrounding communities. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, contact our team today!

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