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Should I Get Custom Cabinets?

If you’re wondering if you should use a custom cabinet builder for your kitchen, we can’t recommend them enough. Custom cabinets aren’t just beautiful and functional — they also play a big role in the happiness of you and your loved ones.  

Back in the day, families ate dinner together every night. Today, families are lucky if they get to enjoy one meal together a week. 

In fast, recent studies have determined that:

  • 20% of meals are eaten in the car
  • 30% of meals are eaten on the couch
  • 70% of meals are eaten outside of the home

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Busy schedules and conflicting priorities have made it difficult for many families to make time for such gatherings… but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to! In fact, 62% of parents with children under 18 said they’d like to have family dinners more often.

How Your Kitchen Can Affect Your Family 

No matter how comfortable your couch is or how nicely decorated your porch is, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Maybe it’s the feeling that comes from chatting, snacking, and building connections in an inviting space that causes us to gravitate toward it. Whatever it is, the kitchen is the place to be! 

Some Fast Facts About Family Dinners

Family dinners have been a topic of interest for a long time, and many discoveries have been made about them. Consider the following:

  • Family dinners have declined by 33% since the turn of the century. 
  • 90% of families believe it’s important to eat dinner together regularly.
  • 24% of teens actually wish they could have more family dinners together. 
  • Children and teens who regularly eat dinner with their families experience better mental and emotional health.

Gatherings Are Made Easy in a Kitchen You Love

Your kitchen is meant to be a place that encourages togetherness. But if you don’t love your kitchen, you’re probably less excited to gather in it with your loved ones.

So how can you turn your kitchen into a place that you love? Here are a few tips…

Pick welcoming colors.

Science suggests that color can positively (or negatively!) impact your mood, so make sure the colors in your kitchen are welcoming. While you don’t have to paint your walls bright colors to do that, it can help to add pops of orange, yellow, green, or blue, all of which have been proven to have positive associations. 

Get comfortable seating.  

You can’t expect your loved ones to sit and stay a while if the seating in your kitchen is hard and uncomfortable. If you want people to feel welcome and comfortable, then you have to help make them feel that way. Investing in good, comfortable seating that’s placed in a central location (like around your table or at your island) can help.

Choose good lighting.

A dark, dingy kitchen can be off-putting and make people want to leave quickly, not stay longer. If you don’t have many windows that bring in natural light, then you have to find other ways to improve the lighting in your kitchen. One easy move is switching out your lightbulbs (daylight and cool light are both good options). Simple but effective, a lightbulb switch can make a drastic difference and brighten your kitchen right up. If you want to take it a step further, update your lighting fixtures so they offer a cozier vibe. 

Install custom cabinets. 

Your cabinets take up a majority of your kitchen, no matter how big it is. One of the most noticeable features in your kitchen, cabinets are the main event because they influence the look and feel of your kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets ensure you not only get the style you want, but the colors, too. They also reduce clutter and maximize space in your kitchen, making your kitchen appear more open and appealing as a result. 

Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home with Help from a Custom Cabinet Builder in Perry, NY

At Kustom Kabinetry, we know how important it is to spend time with your family and we believe your kitchen should be the heart of your home. Research has shown that having family dinners on a regular basis is a key component to a strong, relational family. The best part is that when your family gathers for regular dinners, everyone benefits.

As a custom cabinet builder in Perry, NY, our goal is to help you bring your family together. Your vision, combined with our custom cabinets expertise and craftsmanship, can transform your kitchen into a space where your family loves to gather and make memories.

If you’re still wondering about custom cabinets, contact our team for a free estimate

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