Should We Install Our New Floor Before or After the Cabinet Installation?

A kitchen renovation will add a lot of value to your home, but you have to follow the right steps and do it by the book if you want the renovation to be done right. As our customers work to create the ideal kitchen, there’s sometimes confusion about whether to install the floors or the custom kitchen cabinets first. 

We’ve been building and installing custom kitchen cabinets for more than 25 years, and here’s what our years of experience have taught us. 

Which Should Come First?

What most builders won’t tell you is that you can actually install either element first. However, a majority of the time, you can expect that the floor will be installed first because it helps you avoid having to cut and lay flooring around cabinets and appliances later.

Floors First: The Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Switching out cabinets is much easier in the future because you won’t have to pull up the flooring to do so
  • Seamless, professional appearance that comes from not having to awkwardly cut the flooring around the kitchen

The Cons

  • Wastes flooring materials
  • Later floor replacements require replaced cabinets, too
  • Materials can impact the order and quality of installation (wood floors, for example, expand and contract with temperature, which means your cabinets may shift as the flooring expands, which can delay or alter your installation schedule, giving the flooring a chance to “settle”

Cabinets First: The Pros & Cons 

The Pros

  • Less wasted money on flooring you won’t see
  • Less likely to damage new floors by starting with cabinets

The Cons

  • Installation is more expensive and takes longer
  • Switching built-in appliances will be harder down the road
  • Adding the cabinets first defines a blueprint you have to stick to throughout the rest of the installation process, and installers must fit flooring around cabinets instead of laying them on top of existing flooring

The good news is that, when it comes to flooring and cabinets, you can really do it either way. If you’re wondering which way is the “right” way, then we say whichever way makes the most sense for your project. Generally, this is by putting the flooring down first because it’s a much smoother process for everyone. 

Ultimately, though, it’s your project, so it’s a personal decision that will require you to consider your budget, timeline, preferences, and materials of choice. 

Professional Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Perry, NY 

If you want to install new cabinets in your home to take your kitchen renovation up a notch, hiring a professional is key. At Kustom Kabinetry, it’s all about our customers, and we’re here to help you make your kitchen the heart of your home. We know renovations can be stressful, and we’ll be happy to make recommendations about the order of your installations, as well as what materials, finishes, and options you should consider. Our team proudly provides beautiful, custom kitchen cabinets for those in Perry, NY and the surrounding communities. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, contact our team today!

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