Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends of 2022

Kitchen cabinets are a huge part of your kitchen and can really set the tone for the entire space. The Kitchen has evolved over the years to be a shared place to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen can be quite overwhelming.

Even with so many options and styles, it can be difficult to find the exact design and style you want for your kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets can help fill the gap and help you bring your vision to life.

If you are looking for ways to update or upgrade your kitchen cabinets, here are some of the top kitchen cabinet trends to consider for 2022:

1. Specialty Organizing Cabinets

One of the biggest new trends in kitchen cabinets is custom specialty cabinets designed for organization. These cabinets can be custom-made to hold specific items or products. This can be great for organizing your kitchen to have exactly what you may need, exactly where you need it.

Specialty organizing cabinets are often used to store and organize cookware, cleaning products, and even pantry items. The possibilities are endless, you can customize your kitchen cabinets to hold anything you may want.

2. Kitchen Island Cabinets

The kitchen island has become a watering hole for loved ones around the home. Although it can come in handy for preparing food, the island can also make for a great place to store essentials that you may need during your prep work.

Adding cabinets below the island can be the perfect place to store important kitchen utensils such as knives, cutting boards, and crockery.

3. Double-Duty Cabinets

Another great and modern trend is to include double-duty cabinets in your kitchen. These cabinets are an elegant and clean way to hide appliances in your kitchen for a more seamless, modern overall look. These cabinets can be custom designed and sized in order to fit the exact appliance that you wish to hide.

These kinds of cabinets are not necessary for hidden storage but more for creating a uniform look within your kitchen. Some of the most common items to hide behind a double-duty cabinet include dishwashers and fridges.

4. Open and Display Cabinets

Kitchens can be incredibly busy places. Open cabinets allow for you to get what you need and put it back much faster while allowing you to also use the open cabinet to display elegant tableware or cookware at the same time.

Open cabinets can also make the kitchen feel much larger and more spacious. Display cabinets can be either open or covered by glass to allow everyone to see inside. If your kitchen’s color scheme is dark, this can add a lighter theme to the kitchen and provide a beautiful contrast.

5. Sustainable Materials

One of the most important trends to look out for in 2022 is the use of sustainable materials. 2022 is set to see a sharp rise in green kitchens with more environmentally conscious designs, materials, and appliances.

With this being said, responsibly sourced and natural materials such as wood can help reduce your carbon footprint while giving your kitchen a more eco-friendly, warm, and natural look. Environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets can also make use of a variety of sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, cork, bamboo, or recycled glass.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Transforming your kitchen can be a costly and timely process. At Kustom Kabinetry, we strive to provide you with the best advice, guidance, and services to ensure that this long-term investment is well worth both your time and money. From helping you decide the best color to paint your kitchen to installing your custom kitchen cabinets, our team of professionals is ready and waiting to help you with anything you may need. We cannot wait to work side-by-side with you to transform your kitchen.To learn more about our services or schedule a free estimate, contact us today by calling (585) 237-3733 or visit us online at

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