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3 Tips to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel‏

A kitchen remodel will always cause some inconvenience, as most of us use our kitchens multiple times a day, every day. So to be without a space to prep and cook food for a few days is far beyond ideal. However, by properly preparing for your kitchen remodel, you can minimize the inconvenience will cause you and your family (and instead, look forward to your beautiful new kitchen!).‏

‏Here are 3 tips for preparing for your upcoming kitchen remodel:‏

1. ‏Plan your meals beforehand‏

This is one of the most important preparations to make when getting a new kitchen fitted‏. Unless you plan on eating out or getting takeouts  for every… single… meal during the installation (which we don’t recommend!), you’ll need to consider how you’re going to cook your meals.‏

‏The best way to ensure you continue to eat healthy, home-cooked meals during the remodeling process is to prep your meals beforehand. Decide what meals you will eat during these days, cook them, and put them in the freezer, ready to be reheated when needed. If you don’t have the time to prepare food yourself, you can stock up on frozen or shelf dinners instead.‏

‏Another option is to get an electric two-burner hot plate. This handy appliance doesn’t take up much space and allows you to cook a wide variety of fresh dishes from your living or dining room.‏ You’ll just have to get creative when it comes to clean up! 

2. ‏Set up a temporary kitchen‏

‏At some points, your kitchen may not be accessible at all, so you’ll need to create a temporary setup to access food and prepare basic meals. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Move the fridge into another room along with the small appliances you regularly use, such as your kettle, toaster, and microwave. ‏
  • Set up a table for these appliances as well as enough space for food preparation. Place a trash can below the table for easy disposal of packaging and food scraps.‏
  • Make room for the cutlery and utensils you’ll need. You could clear space on top of a chest of drawers or a low shelf in your living room. ‏

Remember, you only need to make space for the items you will need during the installation. If you’re prepping and freezing meals beforehand, you won’t need to take cooking utensils into your temporary kitchen setup. For all other items, you can pack them up into boxes and store them away.‏

The same goes for food. You can clear a cupboard in your living or dining room to store the non-perishable food you will need during the remodel process. Clear your cabinets of all other food items, put them in a box, and keep them elsewhere. ‏

3. ‏Use disposable utensils and paper plates‏

Your kitchen sink will probably be unusable during the remodeling, so you’ll need to use the bathroom sink (or bathtub!) instead. However, carrying dishes back and forth to the bathroom sink is pretty inconvenient, and most people try to avoid it at all costs. 

‏To reduce how much washing up you’ll need to do, it’s best to use paper plates and disposable utensils for the duration of the work instead. Although this isn’t the most environmentally-friendly option, it will save you a lot of bother and difficulty during a temporary period.

Learn More About Our Custom Cabinet Installation Process‏

A remodel is always stressful, but it can be even more overwhelming when it’s being done in a space that’s used so frequently. Preparation is key to any remodel, and the more you plan ahead, the better you’ll feel as your kitchen gets its makeover. 

At Kustom Kabinetry, all of our work is handcrafted and made by our highly skilled team. If you’re interested in custom cabinets for your home in Perry, NY, we’d love to help you transform your kitchen space. 

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