5 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Many homeowners are undoubtedly planning to remodel their kitchens this year. While the majority of them will be everything from quite satisfied to very happy with the outcome, others will realize too late that they made frustrating and expensive mistakes. Avoid becoming one of this group by first reading our tips below on how to avoid the most common mistakes when remodeling your kitchen.

Insufficient Storage

One of the most basic requirements of a kitchen is to provide sufficient storage for all the necessary tools and ingredients needed when preparing meals. There is, in fact, no such thing as a kitchen with too much storage. Apart from that, the storage space should not just be sufficient, it should also be of the right kind. Ten fairly large bottles of vinegar, ketchup, or mayonnaise simply need a different kind of storage than ten pots and pans, or ten small containers with spices. The storage also has to be easily accessible, particularly if you have people in a wheelchair in the house – or someone who finds it difficult to bend very low.

Failing to Plan for Enough Counter Space

Insufficient counter space in the kitchen is one of the most common complaints from housewives and their family members. When you design your new kitchen, it’s, therefore, a good idea to make this one of the focus points. Discuss it with the cabinet builder – he or she will most likely have a couple of great ideas that come from years of experience in the field.

One way in which to make your counter area bigger is by introducing decorative elements like shelving supports or corbels to the ends of your cabinets to make additional space for the top to extend. You can also reconfigure the flow or layout of your kitchen space to make provision for a freestanding island.

Not Making the Kitchen Aisles Wide Enough

The average kitchen can become a very busy place, and the aisles should be wide enough to accommodate all of that action. When you are busy planning your kitchen remodel, ensure that every single aisle, including those between appliances, islands, and walls, is around 48 inches wide – but definitely no less than 42 inches. Also, give some thought to the idea of offsetting the placement of core features like the stove and the sink(s) to make it easier for more than one person to work in the kitchen at the same time.

Forgetting About the Importance of Lighting

Not only will effective lighting be very important to the person who has to prepare the meals in that beautifully remodeled kitchen, but it will also be a vital part of the ambiance of that room. In every well-designed kitchen, there have to be at least 3 different types of lighting. The purpose of general overhead lighting is to provide basic illumination. Apart from that you also need task lighting and accent lighting. Pendant lights are, for example, perfect for illuminating areas where food is prepared while over-cabinet and under-cabinet lighting can be very effective to highlight some of the design elements you absolutely adore, e.g. a stunning backsplash.

Overlooking Function

People sometimes become so engrossed in the aesthetic aspects of their new kitchen that they forget that it has to be functional in the first place. When planning the remodeling job, they forget to take into account the direction and size of appliances, doors, and cabinets. Ovens, for example, typically need wide clearances, and so do refrigerators. Try to think in 3-D when planning your next kitchen upgrade. Consider all the different elements of the new space and how they will work together.

Why You Need the Help of a Custom Cabinet Builder in Perry, NY

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