5 Tips to Get the Most Space Out of Your Cabinets

Most kitchens can get really messy and unorganized very quickly, particularly when it comes to the kitchen cabinets. Even a kitchen with lots of storage space will quickly become a nightmare without proper organization. With the help of the tips below your kitchen cabinets will soon be able to accommodate much more than you think – and you will be able to find what you are looking for much easier.

1. Get Your Kitchen Storage Better Organized

If you are currently tossing things randomly into your kitchen cabinets, that is probably the biggest reason why you don’t have enough storage space and why it’s so hard to find things when you are in a hurry.

Start by breaking up items according to type and then storing them in organizers and baskets. A great idea is to store dry goods, spices, and similar items in a pull-out ‘pantry’. This way they are out of sight but you will still be able to access them quite easily.

2. Adjust Kitchen Shelves To Make Better Use Of Available Space

If you can’t remember when the last time your kitchen shelves were adjusted, now might be the perfect time. Just because they’ve been where they are for a while doesn’t mean they should stay like that.

If you stand in front of a shelf and notice a significant amount of unused space between the top of whatever is being stored on the shelf and the bottom of the next shelf, you might be able to move the top shelf down—items such as spices don’t need a lot of shelf height and might be taking up too much space. And, if you have resorted to storing bottles horizontally instead of vertically because there’s not enough space, you can hire a professional to move the top shelf a little higher. 

3. Vertical Separators Can Create An Amazing Amount Of Extra Space

As far as getting the best out of your available kitchen storage goes, this is one of the best tips we’ve come across. The secret is to hire a professional cabinetry builder to install vertical slot separators in one or two of your cabinets and use that space to store things such as cutting boards, recipe books, etc. You will be able to instantly locate these items when you need them and removing or replacing one of them will no longer cause a small landslide.

4. Add Hooks to the Insides of Cabinet Doors

This will keep smaller items like measuring cups and spoons out of sight, yet very easy to find.

5. Use a Tension Rod to Add a Spice Rack to a Cabinet 

This is a simple idea that can really make your life a lot easier. A tension rod installed near the back of the spice cabinet, slightly higher than the bigger spice containers, will instantly create an extra shelf where you can store all those small containers that can so badly clutter up a cabinet.

Get The Help Of A Professional Custom Cabinet Company

Sometimes the best tips in the world can’t save a kitchen that simply doesn’t have the right storage your family needs.

If you’re planning to install custom cabinets for your kitchen, then we want you to know that you’re about to make a worthy investment that you’ll love for years to come. At Kustom Kabinetry, we love helping homeowners transform their kitchens, and we’d be honored to help you transform yours. If you need a little help deciding what color to paint your kitchen, our team of custom cabinet professionals will be happy to provide a professional opinion.

To find out more about what we can do to help, or to get a free estimate, visit our website today! Our custom cabinet company proudly serves those in Perry, NY, and the nearby areas.

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