How to Repair Broken or Loose Cabinet Hardware

Ever go to grab a pot or pan from your kitchen cupboard and notice the knob wiggles in your hand? It’s been doing it for weeks, and you keep meaning to fix it, but haven’t!  It’s truly a quick fix that takes just minutes. Broken or loose cabinet hardware should always be fixed as soon […]

Beyond Custom Cabinets: Other Work We Do

When you work with the team at Kustom Kabinetry, you can expect customized cabinets designed specifically for your space.  Did you know, though, that custom kitchen cabinets aren’t the only thing we offer? Beyond standard cabinetry for homes and offices, you can work with our team of skilled craftsmen to get the exact look and […]

Pros and Cons of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also one of the most visible spaces in your house. It provides the first impression for visitors and guests, and offers a space for the entire family to gather at the end of the day.  With that in mind, it makes sense that we all want […]

Best 3 Ways to Clean Granite Countertops

Custom Cabinets

Among others, like quartz, granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops. A hard and dense natural stone, it comes in thousands of different colors and usually appears flecked, pebbled, or streaked. Not only is granite durable and beautiful, but it’s also a luxurious choice that will last a long time and can increase your […]

Should I Get Custom Cabinets?

Custom Cabinet Builder

If you’re wondering if you should use a custom cabinet builder for your kitchen, we can’t recommend them enough. Custom cabinets aren’t just beautiful and functional — they also play a big role in the happiness of you and your loved ones.   Back in the day, families ate dinner together every night. Today, families are lucky […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Beginning Your Kitchen Remodel

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen remodel is definitely something to get excited about! After all, who doesn’t love new things, especially when it’s something as important as an updated kitchen? New custom kitchen cabinets, new countertops, new appliances, new fixtures… before you know it, you’ll be operating in a whole new space!  As exciting as a kitchen remodel […]

What Are the Best Cabinet Colors?

Custom Cabinet Company

Trends change every 3-5 years, which means if you’re trying to keep up with them, you’re going to spend a lot of time and money changing your home around! While trends are ever-changing, some colors never go out of style. So if you’re trying to find the best cabinet colors for your home, our custom […]

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Custom Cabinets

An attractive, highly functional kitchen is among the most desired aspects of any home. However, when you’re working on a kitchen remodel, there are many different elements that need to come together in order for it to be a success, with cabinetry being a key part. When you’re redoing your kitchen, handmade cabinets from a […]

Do You Custom Build Cabinets in Your Shop?

Working with a custom cabinet company is a big deal.  They’re an investment for your home, and the decision to get custom cabinets isn’t something that’s done on a whim. You have to think about what you want, why you want it, where you want it, and who’s going to build it for you! At […]