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Top 3 Problems That Custom Kitchen Cabinets Solve‏

Custom-designed cabinets take any kitchen up a notch. Built for both style and functionality, they’re the perfect solution for homeowners ready for a kitchen makeover. 

If you’re considering upgrading to custom cabinets in your kitchen, you may first be wondering if they’re worth the cost and time. After all, they’re quite an investment (most cost about $25K). For those who have already had custom cabinets installed in their homes, they’d answer with a resounding, “Yes!” But if you’ve yet to experience the joy of using kitchen cabinets built just for you, here are three things you can look forward to — things that stock cabinets commonly fail to deliver.‏

1. ‏A Custom Style that Suits You‏

Stock kitchen cabinets are limited in size and style, and many look the same, so what you see in your home probably isn’t much different than what’s next door in your neighbor’s kitchen. Even if you’re ready to get new cabinets, standard options often leave you stuck choosing something you don’t love. As a result, you’ll likely end up with cabinets that don’t really match your style preference, or don’t fit seamlessly in your kitchen.‏ 

Custom cabinets, on the other hand, deliver the exact look and feel you want. When you work with a custom cabinet builder, you get to customize everything, from wood type to finish, and even extra features, like appliance panels or pantry towers. This way, you can ensure your new cabinets blend in perfectly with the rest of the room, and include all the functionality you need for maximum efficiency in your kitchen. 

‏If you’re not sure about the ‏‏kitchen cabinet style‏ ‏you want, our experts can help you choose a look and feel that will best suit your space. For example, if you would like to create a space that feels welcoming to guests, we can help you choose the best color scheme to achieve this. Because they’re made to order, when you get custom kitchen cabinets, you know you’ll have a kitchen space that is truly unique and special.‏

2. ‏Better Functionality and Organization‏

‏Not only do generic cabinets tend to look similar, but they all function in the same way, too. The features of most cabinets are pretty standard, which does not give you many options for storing and organizing your utensils and food. ‏

‏The personalization possibilities of custom kitchen cabinets are endless. You can design your cupboards to fit any kitchen size or shape, and you can even choose the exact size and type of cabinets that will work best in your space. ‏

‏Looking to add even more customization to your kitchen? Incorporate handy space-saving features into your custom cabinets, such as spice racks or wine bottle holders. When you work directly with a cabinet builder, you can organize things better, free up your countertop space, and give a home to items that are causing unsightly clutter. Your cabinets are your vision brought to life, so whatever you think could make your kitchen more organized, we can incorporate it into the design.‏

3. ‏More Durable and Long-lasting Kitchen Cabinets‏

When you remodel your kitchen, you should expect the results to last for years to come. Unfortunately, many stock kitchen cabinets on the market today are not made to last. Whether it’s low-quality wood or poor construction, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel unsatisfied and disappointed with the condition of their cabinets after just a few years.‏ 

‏When you choose custom cabinets, they are hand-built to last a lifetime using high-quality wood. The wood is then given a protective finish to maximize longevity. At Kustom Kabinetry, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with kitchen cabinets that they won’t need (or want!) to replace. ‏

‏Solve Your Kitchen Problems with Custom Cabinets from Our Team in Perry, NY

While it may be tempting to opt for generic cabinets that cost less, in many cases, you wind up sacrificing quality and durability, which causes you to spend more money in the long run. If you need to remodel your kitchen all over again in a few years, not only is this way more expensive, but it’s also frustrating and inconvenient.‏ 

As a custom cabinet builder in Perry, NY, it’s our joy to transform local homeowners’ kitchens into the heart of their home. If you want to take your kitchen to the next level, contact us today for a free estimate! 

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